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543 0 1 November 02,2016

Dress code in UAE – ...

UAE, especially Dubai has always been tolerant when it comes to wardrobes and dressing styles of people across the world. When compared to other regions in the Middle

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562 0 0 September 03,2016

Men’s Fashion in Dubai – ...

When compared to women’s clothing and fashion, men have always taken a back seat but let’s try to change that! Men’s fashion wear is yet to get a dedicated

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156 0 0 January 07,2016

Dubai Shopping Festival ...

An event of Festivity & Lights, Shopping & Glamour, Sports & Adventure, Multi cuisine food and cosmopolitan culture mix together to create Dubai Shopping Festival. This

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1.3K 0 0 December 21,2015

5 Items to Spice Up ...

  1- Skinny Scarf  The skinny scarf has made its way back in fashion this fall. You can center it at the nape of your neck,

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