Gofabby helps to know the New rules for Dubai driving licenses from July 1

New rules for Dubai driving licenses from July 1

New rules for Dubai driving licenses

Road safety is always a key concern of government in all countries. Dubai is making more strict rules to assure the life and property of its citizens. Some prominent changes are announced in this last week of June regarding the road safety and emphasis is put on right from the licensing phase. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) made revisions to the existing terms for issuing and renewing driving licenses in the emirate. The statements on the updates were reported on Tuesday and the new changes will be put into effect from next month onwards.


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As per the changes made, the new driving permit offers a validity of only two years for natives, GCC nationals, and other various nationalities, who have reached the age of 21 years or more. On the expiry of this term and for those up for renewal, the license will be given for another 10 years in the case of Arabs and 5 years for the expatriates. The RTA stated on their Instagram handle that the changes will be put into force with effect from July 1, 2017. Expatriates have got blow with this new changes in the rules.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Licensing Agency, included: "For those matured under 21 years, be it residents, GCC nationals or different nationalities, the underlying legitimacy of the driver permit issued, supplanted or restored should be one year as right now connected." He added, "RTA is constantly quick to follow the Federal and Ministerial Laws representing the issuance, recharging or age limits identified with driver licenses out of its insight to serve the general population intrigue and understand its vision of giving Safe and Smooth Transport to all."
Another key factor to consider is that the expatriates will have to submit permanent residential status to obtain the license. So with all these, the Dubai government is putting stringent control over the road safety issues. The safety is taken prime concern and the commitment to protect lives of people through the precautionary steps are very much visible through these steps. Making the age limit restricted to 21 and above ensures only adults can drive the vehicles and can assure to reduce accidents by nearly half. Driving without care is responsible for over 60% of the accidents in Dubai. So, putting a check on the age can be very beneficial to the safety of the people in the region.

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