Gofabby - The Best Indian restaurants in Dubai to celebrate Ramadan 2017

Best Indian restaurants in Dubai to celebrate Ramadan 2017

The Best Indian restaurants in Dubai

Ramadan is the time of prayers and alms. The believers fast from sunrise to sunset and spend the long summer days reading Quran and performing Salah. An air of holiness lingers even the atmosphere. When the sun sets, the fast is broken with prayer of gratitude and iftar with family.
Dubai has numerous restaurants offering delicious iftar food and Indian ones stand out in the crowd with their unique mouth-watery dishes.  Let us have a look at the top Indian eateries in the region.

The Meating Room

An attractive feature of the place is the excellent iftar cuisine they offer. Food quality and flavor of Meating Room is widely appreciated by both the locals and tourists. The variety of kebabs, tikkas and lamb chops are some common items in the non-veg platter. The meat needs special mention as it is well marinated and perfectly cooked. With all these delicacies, the place is sure to stimulate your taste buds.  Another highlight is the cost effectiveness. The whole experience is very much pocket-friendly and these make The Meating Room an exceptional one in the group of Indian restaurants.  

Rang Mahal
The place will offer you a different iftar feel with its elegant and majestic appearance of infrastructure.  The inside would remind you of an exquisite palace with huge wall paintings and pillars. They offer an 11-dish course of Indian and local cultural tang. Super delicious food in decent quantity along with the luxurious facilities makes the experience unforgettable. The place is a perfect option for iftar with your family and friends if the expense is not much an issue for you.


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Barbeque Delights
Specialized in Indian and Pakistan cuisine, Barbeque Delights presents impeccable and delicious grills, of which Reshmi Kebab, Mutton Chello kebab, and chicken Achari Tikka stand out with incomparable taste. The Rooh Afza for the iftar is rejuvenating and well made. The taste and flavor are definitely a value for your money. Reasonable price helps even middle-class people to enjoy the time spent in Barbeque Delight.

The excellent option to have North Indian Mughlai Biriyani in Dubai is Haveli. They provide tasty and flavored biriyani which every North Indian would love to the core. Located in the Reef Mall, the place offers a neat dining area and serve different north Indian food varieties. The food is so yummy and spices used are great to tempt any food lover.

The place offers Chinese, Kerala, South Indian and seafood cuisines with top stars being pepper chicken, prawn chili, beef fry, and Dum biriyani. Malabar paratha is another favorite among the customers. Reasonable pricing is a remarkable factor that increases the rush in Nadumuttam. The service is very welcoming, which itself makes the customers feel free and enjoy various cuisine despite the crowd. 

Calicut Notebook
The place specializes in Indian and Kerala foods in particular. The traditional Malabari cuisine is delicious and a must try one. Wheat Paratha, Appam, banana crepes, mutton chops, prawn mango curry are some top rated food in Calicut Notebook. Alongside the yummy taste, they also specialize in presenting the food in visually appeasing manner, which raises the appetite sky high.  

The common trait found in all the above eateries is their dedication to feeding people with the best food. They mix this secret ingredient in making food which turns out to be their trump card for success. Enjoy the iftar with such eateries and will have an excellent treat for your bellies.  

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